What you wear on that day, about 85% of the world’s population would describe as the most important celebrated ceremony as a groom, is an ideal reflection of your personality, and/or emotion.

Ivory White Single Button Wedding Suit.

Below are top few style guides to adopt when choosing your ideal wedding suit: 
  • Fitting and Comfort: No doubt, a well structured and panelled suit provides the grooms with a high level of confidence, an obvious sense of essence. This gained esteem and self-assurance literally triples when this fit is accompanied with comfort.


  • Body Structure and Style Silhouettes: This varies amongst individuals. Identifying your body structure is an important tip when choosing your ideal suit silhouette. Statistically, tall and slender men would look best on a fitted and slightly long tuxedos, especially when double breasted with minimal detail. In the same vane, men with inverted trianglular body structures would look best when found in suits that are singly breasted, peak lapel points, and well constructed shoulder pads.


  • Colour Palette: Depending on individual choices, fabric colours are very important. If individuals are traditional, then a professionally tailored White or Black Classic Suits is undoubtedly the run-to choice. But, if grooms are quite experimental with some sense of difference, then skin tones, personal colour choices, event decoration materials are very essential when picking an ideal suit. 


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