It is no doubt true that the Covid19 Pandemic has negatively hit our daily routine and reality from numerous angles, which has invariably forced us to place a lot of our environmental, social, and geopolitical activities on an indefinite pause; especially in African countries like Nigeria which thrives clearly from social events like weddings.


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As at today nigeria has over 627 confirmed cases, lagos with a total of 376 being the epicenter of the disease.

Generally the world is coming to a realization that this would not end in a short while until a vaccine  is found to help stem the disease, generally 

Now, when planning a wedding this pandemic, here are a few things you could do:

  • Relax: The reality and persistent existence of the COVID-19 virus changed our very own reality, and literally left everyone in complete disarray. This is not a metaphor. The world was and still is in total abyss. Whilst we’re picking up what’s left of our certainty, it is very fundamental to maintain an exhilarating level of optimum sanity. Take a day or two off work, and focus on self. This would greatly help unwind all of the tensions and stiffness that’s been built even before the reality of the pandemic.


  • Continue Planning: In light of the notion that Planning doesn’t translate to Hosting, go ahead and continue planning your wedding. Once you’ve been able to detoxify yourself from the pressures and strains that came with the dawn of the COVID-19 virus, pick yourself up, and start off from where you stopped. Technology has proven countless times to be the foundation of a lot activities, and now is a perfect time to employ its services. If you are a wedding planner, reach out to the couples, decoration team, official photographers, caterers, ushers; and other official services, to plan furtherance of the wedding via video calls and other communication engines.

  • Be Open Minded: Bear in mind that since wedding plans are still ongoing, and the pandemic is still very much active, a lot of the ideas brought to the table would be speculations, and subject to change. Whilst keeping a light head and crossed fingers  towards the feasibility of these ideas, and their sustainability, accept other possible compromising solutions such as wedding postponement, or even a virtual in-house wedding which involves very limited amount of physical presence. Of course, there’s a light at the end of this tunnel if these ideas are hired.


  • Be Updated: Now, when you’ve been able to accept that some compromising solutions might surface, keep yourself glued to authentic news sources. Know how fast or slow the Virus is spreading, and what measures officials are taking to curb the situation. Also, know how far events are being pushed. For instance, it’s been estimated that a lot of weddings are going to take place around the ember months when this is all over. Having information like these keeps you abreast with possible ways forward, and how to plan towards having a really great wedding.

Conclusively, just keep a light head, relax, then plan. Keep planning. It could never be overly excessive. Just don’t pressure yourself into depression. Be a little patient with how this is coming, acquaint yourself with genuine information, and hope for a positive aftermath.

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