Brief History of The Fulani Tribe:

The Fulani empire, Muslim theocracy of the Western Sudan that flourished in the 19th century. The Fulani, a people of obscure origins, expanded eastward from Futa Toro in Lower Senegal in the 14th century. By the 16th century they had established themselves at Macina (upstream from the Niger Bend) and were proceeding eastward into Hausaland.

Some settled in the 19th century at Adamawa (in the northern Cameroons). Many of the Fulani continued to pursue a pastoral life; some, however, particularly in Hausaland, gave up their nomadic pursuits, settled into existing urban communities and were converted to Islām.

Fulani hat.

The captivating and culturally unique Fulani hat is a conical fiber hat with leather applications that comes from the Fulani people in West Africa.  It is typically worn by the
Wodaabe , a nomadic cattle-herder subgroup of the Fulani. This hat is often worn above a Turban.
   Basically, a Fulani hat is a basketry hat made of plant fibers . It is covered in leather both at the brim and top and sometimes with decorative leather elements in the middle. At the very top of the hat there is a knob which is covered in leather.’ethnologie_de_Strasbourg-2.jpg

The traditional Fulani hat is a vibrant testament to the lives and culture of a nomadic, cattle herding, people group from across sub-saharan Africa.

As comfortable as it is interesting and unusual, this lively chapeau is authentic West African headwear that makes a fabulous wall hanging as well. These are especially popular with drummers. This hat displays a rich cultural significance for many African people.

   Not only is it worn to protect the wearer from the harsh rays of the sun, but is also a symbol of wealth and status. During festivals Fulani men will wear these hats as way to attract women. Made from leather and fiber, each hat is embellished with cowrie shells and to other typical Fulani adornments. Each hat is hand-made by the people of Mali, West Africa.

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