ASO_OKE for weddings in Nigeria

To help with new marriage journeys, we’ve decided to accurate the latest and most rave-worthy traditional styles to inspire our brides-to-be, which brings us to our focus today: Some Profound ASO-OKE styles for wedding.

Nowadays, the Aso Oke fabric is obviously for all, regardless of whether you’re from the east or west; however, for weddings, it remains the preferred material for the Yoruba Bride. As part of a long-standing tradition, a Yoruba bride wears the woven fabric which is usually sewn into an Iro and Buba, complete with the renowned “GELE” headwrap. This traditional Yoruba fashion hasn’t changed in ages, but what has is its style take.

At some point in time, we caught on a trend that showed that the Iro and Buba were experiencing a sort of major revolution; the designs were becoming more innovative and the fabrics, more exclusive and elaborate, in tune with personal preference.

Check out some wedding styles below

“Profound” aso-ebi wedding style for a “bride”

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