Academic &  Lab from Deji & kola  is one of the largest online school uniform providers. We offer supply  uniform brands like Dickies, French Toast, Universal, Classroom, Soffe and also make our own brand tailored and sown in lagos, Nigeria Africa.

  • Graduation Gown

    Graduation Gown (5)

  • Lab Coat & Smugs

    Lab Coat & Smugs (5)

  • Scrubs

    Scrubs (5)

  • Bachelor Graduation & Matriculation Gown

  • Doctorate Matriculation/Graduation Gown

  • Lab Coat Men’s Full Length With Knot Button

  • Lab Coats | Women’s Full Length

  • Masters Academic Gown

  • Matte Bachelor Academic Gown

  • Matte Bachelor Matriculation Gown

  • Men Staff Length Lab Coat

  • Men’s Consultation Lab Coat

  • Scrubs Drawstring Pants

  • Scrubs V-Neck Men’s Scrub Top

  • Strictly Scrubs Unisex Reversible Top

  • Unisex No Pocket Reversible Scrubs Top

  • Unisex Poplin Reversible V-Neck Scrub Top

  • Women Staff Length Lab Coat with button