It is explicit to say that by being in a shop with racks of beautiful suits and talking style with a knowledgeable person can be a wonderful experience.

At the same time, it can also be a challenge. There are tons of factors to consider: the event you’re attending, your audience, what’s currently in your wardrobe (or not), and a host of other things. And as men’s dress has become increasingly casual, fewer men are learning how to navigate this world.

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In the cases of made-to-measure, custom, and bespoke suits, we’ve included plenty information on the overall process. Lack of familiarity with the process and anxiety about making a bigger-than-average purchase contribute to avoidance of buying suits this way, and our aim is to alleviate that anxiety by creating familiarity.

You may also be wondering if your budget plays a role in any of the advice we give in these articles. While it’s impossible for it to not influence your buying decisions, as a rule we feel that everyone should be able to be well-dressed. 

The 5 Suits You Should (Eventually) Own: There are 5 different suits every classy and fashionable man should have,they are :

1. Navy Blue Single-Breasted

Tom Hiddleston

2: Grey Windowpane Check Three-Piece

Steve McQueen check suit

3: Black Tuxedo

Paul Newman

4: Pale Single-Breasted

Oliver Cheshire

5:  Charcoal Double-Breasted

Ryan Gosling

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