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How To Keep A Positive Attitude On Your Wedding Day

Haha!! This is very hilarious!Hello Man;Hey Sis;You see that unnerving feeling that is wrapped in anxiety and all shades of paralytic apprehension? It is totally normal
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The First Things To Decide Before Planning A Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a really overwhelming and stressful process, leaving you with all forms of anxiety and jittery feelings. Again, there’s the excitement that comes with it. Amidst…
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Different Types Of Suit Buttons

Buttons are one of the most classic and most defined ways of adding design details to clothes. They are as ancient as clothing itself. Besides the general idea that they…
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Choosing Your Wedding Gown Tailor In Lagos Nigeria

Lagos is no doubt the biggest commercial city in Nigeria. It represents over three-quarter of the country’s mass-market. Every Saturday is famously known for its numerous activities, and one of…
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A very reputable company that has placed customer service in the heart of their business. In short notice, this company was able to deliver a perfectly tailored suit for my grooms.
Adedayo Fatoke, Shi Logistics
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