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Will Bespoke Tailoring Remain Sustainable post COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic, its exponential spread and its obvious adverse effects are no longer news. Although the increasing spread of the virus in countries such as Nigeria can not be…
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“Ayeye” Ijade 20/21 – Lookbook

Ayeye takes a purview into dressing up Men in a new fashion formality that bridges the gap between Fun & Function, creating a realistically accessible relationship between the man and…
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How To Keep A Positive Attitude On Your Wedding Day

Haha!! This is very hilarious!Hello Man;Hey Sis;You see that unnerving feeling that is wrapped in anxiety and all shades of paralytic apprehension? It is totally normal
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The First Things To Decide Before Planning A Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a really overwhelming and stressful process, leaving you with all forms of anxiety and jittery feelings. Again, there’s the excitement that comes with it. Amidst…
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A very reputable company that has placed customer service in the heart of their business. In short notice, this company was able to deliver a perfectly tailored suit for my grooms.
Adedayo Fatoke, Shi Logistics